Determining The Best Third-Party Cookie Alternative

Updated on May 8, 2024
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As the phasing out of cookies grows closer, marketers are looking at all avenues to prepare themselves for the loss of data signals. One such avenue they are exploring is the use of deterministic identity solutions, which is information provided by the user, to identify and track users.

Introducing deterministic identity solutions

Deterministic identity solutions are more accurate than other cookie alternatives like device fingerprints data or probabilistic identity resolution because it comes directly from the user, so there’s little chance for false or misleading data. Additionally, first-party-data is more privacy-compliant than other third-party alternatives because it comes from the consumer and requires them to opt-in to providing the information.

For marketers considering implementing deterministic identity solutions, they should start by creating call-to-actions on their website and social channels to provide their information in exchange for a more personalized experience or exclusive deals. While this provides marketers with a direct line into valuable customer data, it also helps build a relationship with that user. Customers feel like they are getting an experience tailored to their specific interests, and the continued sharing of data ensures that they will receive the best experience possible. On the other hand, brands are learning what their customers like and can build brand loyalty with them while also uncovering findings that can help their overall advertising efforts.

Compliant data privacy standards

It’s important for marketers to keep in mind that they should ensure that all data privacy practices are compliant with today’s standards. While first-party data is naturally safer than third-party alternatives, companies of all shapes and sizes are not immune to data breaches. As such, brands need to take all the necessary precautions to protect their customer data and do as much as they can to prevent potential breaches. A data breach can have serious consequences on trust, and if a company is impacted by a breach, customers are going to be hesitant to share their information in the future. To prepare for a 2024 launch of a first-party data program, now is the time to put those safeguards into place.

Third-party cookies have proven to be a valuable resource for marketers to learn about their customers. With those no longer an option, deterministic identity solutions are the next best thing.

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