How Advertisers can Prepare When One of Their Core Channels is at Risk

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Social media has been extremely unsettled over the last few months as TikTok faces a potential ban in the U.S. and Twitter has undergone a number of changes since Elon Musk’s takeover, most recently naming Linda Yaccarino as CEO. As a result, advertisers have been left in limbo as they try to determine the future of these social networks. 

Instead of waiting for the latest developments on these channels forcing them to react, marketers should look at other options and have contingency plans in place should they need to put their dollars into other channels. In the Keen Platform our scenario planning capability  helps marketers forecast different outcomes to determine the most effective channels to invest in. 

The “what if” feature allows marketers to run future-powered, timely scenarios that identify the best places and times to invest. For instance, if TikTok is no longer available in the U.S., an advertiser can look at what would happen if they move their spending from TikTok to another channel, like Instagram or YouTube, and whether that investment makes sense. Should it be a good match, Keen allows marketers to switch their spending instantly, which is not possible with other marketing mix models. In this instance, this can help prevent your brand’s ad from being placed next to unsavory or harmful content, keeping your brand’s image intact.

Similarly, as economic constraints continue to impact marketers, certain channel CPMs can be too much. If you find that you need to save on CPMs, Keen can help you find the right channel that will deliver the best CPM while maintaining your ROI. 

In a world where things can change in an instant, it’s important to have a marketing mix model that is equipped to handle the rapid shifts in the marketplace. Keen is here to help you plan accordingly, no matter what comes your way. 

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