How to Balance Sustainable Buying and ROI in Media Mix

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As the effects of climate change dominate the headlines, the advertising industry is becoming much more conscious of its eco-footprint. A recent study found that 71% of advertising executives are concerned about the negative impacts the ad industry has on the environment. As such, advertisers like GroupM are creating tools that measure the carbon footprint of media buys across various channels. Similarly, the IAB created a supply path initiative to accelerate decarbonization. Brands are also becoming more selective when it comes to working with agencies, with many making their selections based on an agency’s sustainability initiatives. 

While these tactics are all effective ways to reduce carbon emissions, advertisers should also consider scenario-planning tools to test their ad buys. Scenario-planning tools like Keen can help a brand show the ROI of investing in various channels before they hit the market. For instance, if a brand is deciding between a television ad or a print ad, they can test run their campaign to see how it performs and what ROI it generates. Should they see they get less ROI from a print ad, they will instead invest in television. This test run helps reduce wasteful ad spend and ensures that any emissions spent by delivering an ad are truly impactful. 

Scenario-planning can also be integrated into the tools or plans being utilized by agencies to measure the carbon output of their ad campaigns. Advertisers can integrate the scenario-planning tool into their existing marketing platform, making it easier for brands to see the ROI of a potential buy along with the carbon output, helping speed up the process and eliminating additional resource waste. This partnership could create a more sustainable advertising ecosystem and would ensure that advertisers have all the relevant information they need before making a decision that has future implications for their brand and the world at large. 

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