Shopper marketing drives more revenue and profit

Case study for A consumer packaged goods brand

About the client

A consumer packaged goods brand specializing in food products.
increase in revenue
increase in marketing-driven profit
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The Challenge

The company’s Marketing leadership recognized that each of its leading retail partners had a unique geographic footprint and organizational structure. The team needed to understand how to improve the customer journey by optimizing brands and tactics, timing if their spend and the level of spending allocation.

The Solution

The team approached Keen to develop retail-specific models across its top five stores. Keen’s platform generated a prescriptive plan that specified the optimal spend by brand and tactic over each week of the company’s spend.

The Result

Keen’s models found the company was overspending in many of its store-level tactics. It revealed a path to increase revenue by $4 million and marketing-driven profit by $1.5 million tripling marketing’s return to 16 percent lift over the base case when optimized. All of these gains were based on just one national retailer.

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