How Advertisers can Effectively Test a New Channel

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The role of a marketer has changed significantly over the past few years as they learn to utilize new channels and emerging technologies like AI and VR/AR. As the landscape has become more complex and fragmented, advertisers have had to adjust their decision-making timeline to keep up with the quickened pace of ad buying. As a result, agility has emerged as a key competency for today’s marketer. 

In an industry where many marketers are still using Excel sheets or pen and paper to do their planning, this need for speed can be a terrifying prospect. It can be difficult to take the risk with a new channel without historical data or prior knowledge. For example, a company considering an investment in streaming TV for the first time might be hesitant to invest in it because they have no experience with the platform. 

However, tools like the Keen Platform help ease the transition and show marketers how these channels might perform in real-time, eliminating the fear of a bad investment. 

Keen’s proprietary solution helps marketers simulate the performance of a channel in both the short- and long-term to determine the ROI of an investment. For instance, if a brand is considering investing in a new social channel, they can see what the investment will look like next week or six months from now. This unprecedented level of clarity can help marketers determine whether a channel is worth the long-term investment or if its effectiveness is only temporary. 

Having this data available in a matter of minutes allows marketers to make decisions faster and keep up with the speed of the market, while also having a full understanding of the risk vs. reward of investing in a new channel. So, the marketer who was hesitant to jump into streaming might take the dive knowing that it will deliver twice the ROI of linear in less time than ever before. 

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