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With better insights from Keen, the Twinings team was able to make data-driven decisions to maximize profitability despite a fixed budget.

Their Specialty brand was able to unlock additional future marketing spend backed by insights from Keen.

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Marketing mix resource hub

Marketing mix and the way we manage it has changed significantly. Learn the fundamentals of modern marketing mix, how you can implement tools to intelligently and confidently manage it, and where the future of marketing mix is going.

Cookies are dead resource hub

In the evolving digital marketing landscape, the imminent phase-out of cookies presents significant challenges. See how marketers are grappling with complex issues such as accurately attributing conversions to specific campaigns, engaging customers without detailed behavioral data, and the reduced availability of third-party data.

Surviving & thriving in a recession resource hub

Are we in a recession or are we not? The issue still stands that marketers have to navigate the demands of leaders, budget cuts, and a concerned consumer base. Save time on researching solutions by utilizing these latest resources from marketing leaders across the world.

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